How to Create Secret Pages on a WordPress Blog

Before I tell you how to create secret pages on a WordPress blog I would need to explain why you would want to do that. The reason is easy to visualize. You would often see that when you are adding pages to your blog you run out of space in the navigation bar of your blog theme. Now you are in a fix. You need the page but you don’t have the space. So what do you do One solution is to ‘hide’ the non-essential pages and bring them out in a side bar using a widget that links to them.

Another solution is to choose a theme that allows a drop down menu from primary pages to support secondary pages. By doing so you group and order pages according to their content and relative importance. In every theme when you go to the edit pages menu you will find the ‘quick-edit’ option in WordPress . and above. By clicking on this you can mark certain pages private. Now these pages will show up only when someone clicks their exact URL. They will not display as pages on your site navigation.

This takes care of the first issue pointed out above. You can now copy the page URL into a HTML code and insert it into a text widget bar in the right column or in the footer, if your theme permits widgets in that space. Doing so will invoke tumblr from the footer side-column as you choose. I like to do this for pages like the privacy policy. The HTML code you would use in the text widget is… a href=pageurl>Privacy Policy a>. Note the exact URL must be replaced within the curly brackets and the curly brackets must be removed.

Also As for the other option – to create drop down hierarchies for pages – I recommend a theme called Chameleon. Once you install this theme you can change its settings to hide pages as well as include footer text. You can number and order pages and sub-pages around. It is really very powerful and helps create really non-blog looking blogs. In fact your blog can be shown as a sub-section of your main website using this theme. I have done that in a site on qigong, at qigongforbeginners dot com.